If Memtest \\86 Cer 4.2 indicates that system ram is bad, could the memory on th

I am getting the dreaded blue screen of death on my Gateway GT5685E computer, 4 gig of ram, Intel core 2 duo processor - Originally I tried formatting the main drive and re-installing windows vista, but I never got all the way thru it before it would eikther give me a blue screen or tell me that windows was shutting down to prevent damage ... After this I downloaded Memtest86 ver 4.2 and ran it as a boot off of a USB Thumb drive - it indicated alot of errors. I then tried running the test on either stick of ram (2x2GB) and when running only one Memtest would freeze up shortly after stating the test (1 minute or so).

I can buy new memory of course but I wonder, could the processor's cache memory be bad as well ?? and is there a way to determine this ??

Mike ...
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  1. It is only testing your ram so error indicate the ram is bad.
  2. I have replaced the memory (2 sticks of 2Gig) twice with the same results - I now believe the Main Board is bad, any other ideas ?? Tried two different hard drives as well and different cables ???
  3. It is possible.
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