Connect geforce gtx 460 to power supply

I have a fresh Dell Inspirion 620 desktop straight outta the box. The Graphics card sucks, so I bought a GeForce GTX 460 card. I stuck it in, but the comp cant seem to read it, preventing me from installing the drivers. There seems to be no supplemental power cables hanging around in my comp either, preventing me from hooking up the power to the card. It seems to be optional however. What I am worried about is the extra connector hanging out of the PCI slot (Its circled in the first picture). Is that normal or disastrous? Included pictures in case I confuse anyone.
The proposed problem close up.

The card I want installed

My comps backside

My comps inside
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  1. you need to hook that 460 up to the power supply,its not optional.......the card wont work without it.....if there arent any connectors for the card from your power supply,then you need to replace the power that supports pcie graphics cards.....
  2. You will need 1 or 2 6 pin pci-e connectors to power the card (you should see the slots for the power connectors on the video card I think the 460 uses 2 6 pins but could be 6 or 8 and 1 or 2 depending on the card lol. Problem is when you get your OEM type PCs they love to use proprietary power supplies that have barely enough connections for your PC and barely enough power too, it's very common to have to upgrade the PSU before you do any additional upgrades to a dell/hp etc.

    Far as the picture goes it's not super clear so I can't tell for sure if that is the power connector or what.
  3. Your power supply is not capable of supporting this card. You need a better PSU.
  4. You learned a valuable but expensive lesson. You never buy a pre-built and then try to upgrade it.

    You buy the parts you want and put it together yourself with future upgrade ability in mind, then you don't have these kind of costly no brainer issues.

    Oh and am I the only one that see's something seriously wrong with that cpu fan?
  5. the piece hanging off is fine, invest in a psu that is atleast 600 watts

    might i suggest:
  6. joemama069 said:
    the piece hanging off is fine, invest in a psu that is atleast 600 watts

    might i suggest:

    All I can say to that is LOL. A quality 500w unit would be more than enough.

    $49 after $10 promo code(pleny of power for your system)

    $55 after $15 promo code (this would be overkill though)
  7. So the bottom line is buy a new power supply or build a PC from the ground up? Will the ones shown have a 6 pin PCIe hookup?
  8. The 500w unit I linked has 1- 6 pin and 1- 6/8 pin connector.

    The 650w unit has 2- 6/8 pin connectors.

    I think that deal ends today.

    Why is your cpu fan so crooked? Looks like it's falling off.
  9. I thought so too at first, but the damn thing is secured tightly and not moving at all. Trust me that was the first thing I noticed when I removed the cover. Thanks for the links. If it doe not work for some odd reason after I install the power supply, I have my first 3 components to a custom PC.(My sexy monitor being the 3rd) :D
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