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Difference between Dual core and Single Core speeds/bottleneck

Hi, I got a question that I feel dumb asking. Here are the links to the thing I want to buy:

Would a 1.8GHz CPU be faster in gaming than a 2.8 GHz Single core?

Just a small question, nothing much. I wanna make a system that can play MW3 on max on the lowest budget as possible. I have an AM3+ motherboard right now, and If anyone has cheaper links for AM3/AM3+ CPU's, preferably Dual cores and above, I'd really appreciate it. I also have an Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT to spare. Which would bottleneck it more?
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    in some cases yes. but 1.8ghz is very slow and you would see it compared to the single core in single threaded apps. also dont waste your money on a dul core as they are pretty defunct when it comes to games like bf3, although they will play it theres likley to be bottlenecking if your system is gpu heavy... get a 2.4 quad as a minimum you can pick 1 up for the price of a fast dual so there not that expensive.. something like 80 bux for a p2 840 which is good enough for entry level gaming. but a 955 or 960 would be a gamers choice as it offers a lot of potential for not much money.

    your 98gt will play mw3 and max it out on single player but multiplayer you will need to drop the settings to max out your fps...
    it uses the same engine as cod 4(i think) so i know the 98gt is good enough for 90fps without fsaa.
  2. I only have about $50 to spend on the CPU with a Heatsink/fan included, and I'd love for it to be as cheap as possible. If it can play BF3, or even BF:BC2, that'd be amazing, but I really need the cheapest budget CPU that can handle semi-intense gaming. Do you know any websites with such a CPU deal? The one I found has a 2.8 GHz Dual core, but it's only the CPU, and it's $40.
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