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Corsair cx430 or seasonic s12-II 520 psu?

I'm trying to decide whether to get the cx430 or the s12-ii 520, the cx430 is $58 while the other one is $91

I wont SLI for awhile so the extra 6-pin really isn't necessary, although it would be nice, I'm going for a budget gaming build so a cheaper psu would be much better without sacrificing quality, then I could use the extra money to buy another component

prices are taken from the msy pricelist

suggestions for other psu's from msy are very welcome

the pc will be running a 6770 and an x3 455
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  1. If you're using a 6770, you'll never use SLI as it's an nVidia only tech. You'd be using Crossfire. If you have any intention of utilizing Crossfire though, it would be more cost effective to buy a capable PSU from the start, however, I wouldn't recommend a 520watt PSU for the scenario. If you have future plans to make use of a multi-card configuration, you'd be better served by a 600watt power supply.
  2. Antec HCG-520 or the Antec Neo Eco 520 (79 and 69 on that price sheet)
  3. yeh i know sykozis, i meant if i bought two nvidia cards later, and my mobo can only take single ati cards, its the m4n98td evo, and the 6770 is a good card for its price, but thanks for the advice

    @totalknowledge, which would you recommend? pros and cons?
  4. The pros....they're both cheap

    The cons: you'll have to replace them later if you go SLI....
  5. wat about between the two suggested by totalknowledge? which one do u thinks better and why
  6. the same statement applies to all 4 of them.

    Although, in my personal experience, Antec is garbage......your's and other's experiences may differ.

    You can't safely utilize SLI on a 520watt, unless you plan on forgetting about that possibility, buying a 520watt unit would be a waste of money.
  7. alright forget about sli then, ill buy another psu down the track, do u suggest any alternatives for single gpu sykozis?

    btw I will b OC'ing my cpu and MAYBE my gpu if that makes any difference
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    The HCG-520 is the better of two.

    If you want a tad more power for possible future crossfire the Antec HCG-620... but to be honest. I wouldn't go dual 6770's but would step up to the next higher single card as an upgrade instead. A 6850 or a 6870 would be a much better upgrade than a second 6770.

    If you have no plans to do Crossfire I would do the HCG-520.

    eta: the HCG-520 should give you plenty of room to do some oc'ing.
  9. ok cool, I'll look up some reviews on them later too and I'll let u's know which one I'll choose
  10. ok cool, I'll look up some reviews on them later too and I'll let u's know which one I'll choose
  11. stupid phone -.-
  12. lol I'd just finished reading the review by anandtech wen I checked this again, looks like a decent psu, thanks

    also wat r ur experiences with the coolermaster psu's? and have you heard of seventeam?
  13. Seventeam Units seem to constantly get bad reviews from the Jonnyguru site. Some of the Coolermaster units are good, others are not. Was there a specific one you were looking at?

    Review of a Seventeam built GX-650:

    Review of an Enhance built GX-450:
  14. just rang my grandad, he's at my uncles place who owns a computer business, and my uncle might be able to give be a few components for free, which is awesome, so I'll wait and see wat my grandad brings bak ^.^

    until then I'll look up reviews on psu candidates, thanks heaps for ur help guys
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