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Hi everyone,

I try several time to play AC Brotherhood, but I encounter Several Problem.
First, When you have played about 3 or 4 minutes, sometimes AC freeze and I have to restart the computer. I search on the web to fins a patch who correct that problem. But now, I have the problem of the Black Screen. Again after 3 or 4 minutes of gaming, My screen goes black. I have do open task manager or just do Alt-Tab and return to the game and the black screen is gone. The music doesn't loop or anything like that. I also download all my drivers up to date and disable anything suspicious of creating problem in the configuration of AC.

My spec are:
Windows 7 32 bits
Quad Core AMD 9650 2.4 ghz
4 gig ram
900w power Supply
GTX 260 896 M

I Know that a lot of people have trouble with AC Brotherhood and the GTX 260.
So if somebody can help me to find what is wrong with me or the game.
Thx to all of you.
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  1. Quote:
    So if somebody can help me to find what is wrong with me or the game.

    First of all, there's nothing wrong with you, it's just problem with your GPU and the game.
    Did you try lowering the settings ?
    Try forums.ubi as well, they might be able to help you out. :)
  2. All the setting are at minimal. I found that post Of ubi too this morning, but doesn't help me. I Try all the solution they have put in the forum, but same result.
    Can I Do something else for the GPU? I know the problem reside here, but i don't want to spend money for another graphic card when my card work great with all games and also because it's only Brotherhood who does that and not any other games.

    Thx Again
  3. Have you tried asking in the forums there, maybe they might help. I mean ask them by creating an account there. :)
  4. I Didn't create an account there.. But ask somebody at The person work in Ubisoft in Montréal and he said to me that Ubi didn't test the 200 series with Brotherhood. SO ubisoft don't know the answer of my problem I think... If I wanna play Brotherhood I have no choice. Update my Graphic card or buy it on PS3 and XBOX 360!!!

    Well look likes I never gonna play AC Brotherhood!
  5. Don't lose hope yet.
    Have you tried setting the core affinity. That can help. Also try and rename the AC Brotherhood or ACBSP.exe with ut3.exe.
  6. Yep, try disabling core 3 and core 4 on my pc like said on several web site, but nothing... still the black screen. I didn't try to rename the .exe because i dont think the problem reside in a path name. but i'm gonna try anyways after that i get back from the work... I'm desesperate to play Brotherhood haha...
  7. Well, this is unusual because I'm able to play the game on Geforece 8400GS.
  8. I know gaming on some games with windows 7 as your OS can cause issues.
    Had a friend trying to run BF2 at the time on windows 7 with a directX 10 graphics card.
    the game would always crash out for him after a few minutes. but when he upgraded to a DirectX 11 card his issues disapeared with his windows 7 gaming. befure he upgraded his card though he started dual booting with XP and his issue disapeared there as well.

    Never been able to figure out if running a DirectX 9 game in a DirectX 11 environment on a DirectX 10 card can cause compadablity issues.
  9. I'm running on Direct X 11 maybe this can be the problem... have to test that... but i'm not sure only a Direct X issue can cause that problem!
  10. But you can't run the game on DX11 because you've got a DX10.1 card.
    Try updating Direct-X.
  11. Here's another problem hahah.... Direct X 11 is install on my pc because I have Win 7 but my GTX 260 only support 10.1 max. How can I uninstall Direct X form my computer to install direct X 10 And also.. where I can find Direct X 10 For Win 7 32 bits
  12. Okay
    First, you don't have Direct X 11 installed in your PC because you have a GPU that supports a maximum of DX10.1
    It shows DX11 because Windows 7 has got DX11 support. So bottomline is, you can't have DX11 unless you've got a hardware (GPU) that can run DX11. Am I making any sense ? :)

    You can get DX10.1 from microsoft's site.
  13. on my pc when i start AC brotherhood...the black screen appeared but then i closed the game and restarted my pc the black screen problem was the resolved
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