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Hello Forum,
I bought a custom built computer and here's the spec. i3 540, evga P55 LE MB, patriot 5sector 2*4GB ram, and crossfired 5770. And here's the story. It came with corsair force 3 ssd with Ubuntu installed and 640GB WD HDD for the storage. As is, it works fine. And here's some experiment that I did.

1. Now, I took out ssd and tried to install windows 7 on 640 WD HDD. After the installation (But before you input your user names and what not), The system give "The computer restarted unexpectively or encountered ..." error. This happened with two different windows installation cd for 5 times...

But I connected the same hard drive and was able to successfully install windows7. connecting this hard drive back to this system still gives the same error.

2. I took my raptor with windows 7 installed from other machine and connected to this system. When I used two 5770 is connected, It gives blue screen shortly after windows boot up. When I took out one 5770, It was more stable, but still a random blue screen happening once in a 30~1hour.

3. I managed to delete the catalyst control suit (ccs) and reinstall while two 5770 is installed. I also disconnected the lan port. It is more stable (does not throw blue screen every 5 min into the windows) but still very unstable. (I tried to install intel chip set drive, and I had to restart 3 times because of the blue screen it gives. But finally installed it )

4. As soon as I connect my lan port, My display breaks (?) and I get the same blue screen error.

I am baffled with this problem. To me it doesn't make sense. But at the same time, I think there is some compatibility issue with all these components (individual components is working fine i think.....) I am lost :((
Help anyone ?
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  1. I think you are getting blue screens because your hdd is set to ahci in the bios instead of ide.
  2. Ok... I will check this, and post what happens probably 24 hours from now. :ouch:
    Thanks for the reply!
  3. abekl said:
    I think you are getting blue screens because your hdd is set to ahci in the bios instead of ide.

    Actually, I've reset the bios. I Also checked just right now and it is selected as ide.

    Weirdly, each card works when plugged in their own, but its only when they are together it's giving me trouble.

    But even with only one card, the system is not very stable because I get random Blue screen once in few hours...

    Any other suggestions?
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  5. I Also checked just right now and it is selected as ide.
  6. You can't switch drives back in forth from one board(o/s install) to another and expect smooth operation.
    And Ubuntu is notorious for having really bad gpu support = especially crossfire
    Actually using Win7 64bit would probably solve all your issues.
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