Computer wont boot. (Video)

Hello everyone, my computer hasn't been working, and i'm really trying to figure out why. :fou: I explained everything that happened in the video, and i've tried everything on the sticky about what to do before posting. If there are any other questions feel free to ask. Help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Take the board out of the case, place it on a piece of cardboard with just the processor/heatsink, 1 stick of memory, and the GPU installed and hooked up to a monitor. No drives, nothing else. Hook up the PSU, and try to boot by shorting the power switch header pins with a small screwdriver. You also need the speaker attached so we can hear any post error beeps. Be sure to reset the BIOS with the jumper too.
  2. i did all that you said and it still does the same thing </3
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    Check the Jumpers and make sure the power to the motherboard is connected correct,
    Check those jumpers on that motherboard.

    If not then there is a issue with the motherboard
  4. I checked the manual and did exactly what it said. All of the power cords are connected properly, and I cleared the cmos with the jumper, following the instructions. It still does exactly what is happening in the video.

    I thought the motherboard was shot in the first place, but any idea what happened to make it do this?
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