GPU overheating cuz of PSU??

Asus P5k-vm
2x 250gb hard drives
4gb Dominator II
and a Asus 450W PSU
a His HD6850

the system was runing ok for the past few months until recently

i bought a new Casing Coolermaster HAF 922
and attached 2 LED fans to it bringing the total number of fans to 4,
and i bought a new motherboard ASUS p5ql-pro
and a new 1terabyte hardrive

so this is what happens i checked my PC temperature everything seemed normal but the GPU was at 83(load) i was shocked as normally it rarely goes beyond 78 at load. so i started noticing that now at idle it goes at 57-65 :S whereas it used to be at 38 on idle... 2 days later the gpu's fan stops working and i send it for warrenty...

thinking that was the reason of my problem
i had a spare 7600gt at home i plugged it in and it works fine... i happen to have a HD3850 in my office and this weekend i brought it home for some weekend gameing as 7600gt barely runs anything. i plug it in..and guess what its temperature shoots up to 83 degrees
now my question is... is it my PSU? Asus 450 watts that cant handle 3 harddrives,4 fans :S or is it my Mobo?
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  1. p.s the HD3850 is tried and tested card i have been using it since 2008 and its working fine infact i still play two worlds II at my office (self employed) on it so i know its not the Saphire hd3850 :S just want to know should i change the PSU as my friend said that the asus 450 doesnt has enough juice to run everything.... but than again everything is running its just that my gpu overheats... is that a symptom that the psu doesnt has sufficent power??
    sorry for bad spellings am not a native english speaker
  2. The fan on your GPU simply failed. A faulty PSU will not make your GPU overheat. The 450 should have enough juice, though I've no experience with Asus PSUs.
  3. than why is the HD3850 overheating aswell :S? and 7600gt isnt? i mean hd3850 needs more power than the7600gt and i know that my hd3850 is working fine as i use it in my office all the time.
  4. And how hot does it run in your office and under what conditions?
  5. my office system is fairly old
    i have a Asus A8n-Sli mobo
    550 Watts Psu some cheap brand
    no fans
    2gb DDR 1
    and a HD3850
    processor is AMD 3800+ dual core

    and the normal temperature there is like 52 whereas on load it gives me 75
    my office is pretty hot the room temperature is alot higher than my home and the caseing doesnt has any kinds of fans. I am thinking if i need a new psu? or not
    as the 7600gt isnt giving me high temperatures at all:S
  6. still no sugestion :S?
  7. A PSU will not make a GPU overheat, that's all I can say now. Look into other options.
  8. Quote:
    unless your psu is located directly under the gpu

    or it isn't giving enough power to the system because of poor quality psu so it causes issues.

    try a new psu, Corsair CX series are cheap/affordable and great quality.

    Personally I have never heard of an ASUS psu before today so I assume its quality is questionable at best. Most likely you are just running into dying components and its time for a new system <3 lets hope that isn't the case unless you need an excuse to pick yourself up a nice new $1,000 pc that runs beast mode!

    Use this to calculate how much wattage you need -

    I enter everything as correct as I can and it is pretty much on the money every time.

    Quality brands - Corsair / Antec / Seasonic / Enermax / PC P&C / XFX

    Recommended models to look at, Corsair CX/TX | Antec HCG/Earthwatts | XFX core edition

    those models are usually the most affordable.

    i tried to isolate the problem i had and this is what i did...after finding out that the old hd3850 was also having very high temps on idle..... i removed one of the casing led fans and booted the system again.... the temperature was 45 at idle but at load it shot up to 80+ again... now i think that its definitly the psu...and i have ordered a crosair gs800... i dont have many options here where i live... the xfx one is nearly twice the price here...
    as for upgradeing to a new system... id love to but .... i recently became a father and need to maintain my budget...
    my psu is located under the GPU but as i said i am using a Cooler master HAF 922 there is plenty of room... and it generally keeps my system pretty cool. also the psu's intake is located under the gpu
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