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FRUSTRATED with names!

So I recently purchased the Galaxy GTX465 video card for $135.00USD

I'm not impressed with this card.

I am upgrading to a i5 2500k/new mobo, and since I'm not doing SLI, I need a better single card.

I've been trying to do research, but I'm red in the face with frustration trying to figure out what "suits me" and filtering through the beurocracy of the video card companies naming system.

I play wow, will play bf3, dota2, sc2.

I just need a good single card, better than the gtx465, for a great price. I really don't wanna spend too much.

Also, gtxXXX vs Radeon? idk... all too much for me to figure out.

HELP! :p
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  1. What is your budget?

    What resolution is your monitor?

    What is the make/model of your PSU?

    In order for the upgrade to be a justifible upgrade from a GTX465 I would think a GTX570 would be your starting point.The GTX560ti is faster than the GTX465 and probably more in line with your budget but for the price of performance you pay going from a GTX465 to a GTX560ti doesn't seem worthwhile to me,but that's just my opinion.For the $250 you'd spend on the GTX560ti you could easily buy a SLI mobo and another GTX465 which would be much better.
  2. One of the best deals for the money is the HD 6950
    here it is on Newegg
    I like the first one on the list
    the XFX is a great deal

    but if you really want a dramatic improvement
    then you should consider the GTX 570

    when looking at cards
    Toms Video Card Hierarchy chart is very handy to compare performance,2997-7.html

    when upgrading cards you should look to move at least two tiers higher according to that chart

    and like Purple Stank asked
    budget,resolution and PSU all matter in making decision
  3. Amazing, thank you stank.

    My screen is 1920x1080.

    Price range low as possible. for the performance / games i'm asking for.

    Can you tell me why it'd be better? I'm dumb.

    Also, would you be able to link me some stuff?

    i5 2500k / Motherboard good for SLI / PSU to power all this, good HSF.

    Are you worried about the heat production of anything? GTX465 runs hot anyways, now two of them? eek?
  4. I'm not to fimilair with Intel Mobo's but i'm sure king smp can make you a reccomendation.

    I need an exact budget or a guide line for all that you want to get.

    BF3 is going to be a very demanding game.Although SC2 and DOTA are not.So here's the thing.When you get your 2500k you should easily be able to max out SC2 and DOTA with your the GTX465 you already have.Although BF3 will suffer.

    What i'm trying to say is if you already have the GTX465 I don't see a need to waste it espically when they are selling so cheap right now.A GTX465 SLI is almost as good as a single GTX580.So basicly your getting GTX580 performance for half the cost.

    Although the GTX465 SLI does produce a lot of heat it shouldn't be a problem as long as you have good case airflow.All SLI and Crossfire setups produce more heat.
  5. Thank you so much for the suggestion smp!

    I do think, if like what stank said, the SLI gtx465 would be better, that this is the better route considering I need a new mobo for the i5 2500k anyways, i can get one that's SLI ready and just get a 2nd cheap gtx465 for 130.00 bucks

    2500k=180 at microcenter
  6. PSU:

    Corsair 750 watt $120=$110 after MIR + $6 Shipping


    Hyper 212 $28 + Free Shipping

    Let me know if you want to go cheaper.
  7. purple stank said:

    Corsair 750 watt $120=$110 after MIR + $6 Shipping


    Hyper 212 $28 + Free Shipping

    Let me know if you want to go cheaper.

    Is 750 neccessary? I'd like to keep it under 100 for the PSU, 28 for a HSF is fine.
  8. A GTX465 SLI consumes about 620watts.I think a 750watt PSU is perfect for it.If you get a 700watt or 650watt you will wear it down faster because your running it at it's max.A 750 watt PSU is also better for future upgrades.That Corsair PSU I chose is a Modular PSU which is really helpful in managing case airflow and just not needing the extra wires/connectors.

    This PSU isn't Modular but it is a good price.

    Antec 750 watt $95=$75 after MIR + Free Shipping

    EDIT:My fault,that Corsair PSU isn't Modular.
  9. Okay so were looking $550 bucks for all this lol?

    CPU 180
    MOBO 130
    HSF 30
    PSU 80
    2nd Gtx465= 130
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think there may be prebuilt systems with i5 2500k's in them, that include case/hdd with OS, all that, complete tower, for like 550..?
  11. Don't forget that if you wanted to go with a GTX560ti or GTX570 you would be paying about $250-$300 just for the GPU.

    You talking about this?

    That's actually a really good mobo.Everything in that bundle looks really good execpt for the PSU.It won't be able to support a GTX465 SLI.Since it is such a good deal with the bundle you could always buy the PSU seperatly.
  12. Stank,

    Let's say I buy that system. I'd have:

    I'd need to buy a new PSU, and my 2nd GPU.

    I'd be able to use the GPU/PSU/RAM I already have/Case i already have/hdd with win7 i already have/p5qc mobo I already have/q6600 cpu i already have. I'd be able to give it to my girlfriend! Does that look complete to you?
  13. You have a Q6600? No wonder your not happy with the GTX465.That quad core is bottlenecking it.You might even want to hold off on the second GPU.Try getting the 2500k first and see how it plays.I gurantee in CPU intensive games like SC2 and BF3 your going to see a huge increase in FPS.

    So what you want to do is give your current PC to your girlfriend and then buy the barbones bundle for yourself?Are you giving the GTX465 also or using it for the new build and then getting the 2nd?
  14. It might be useful if I tell you what I have :) :p Sorry

    Currently I have:

    P5QC Motherboard
    Q6600 CPU
    500w antec
    8gigs ddr3 1333mhz RAM
    1tb 7200 maxxtor HDD
    Windows 7 ulti
    GTX465 GPU
    32" LG LCD

    I plan on upgrading:
    From P5QC to a proper i5 2500k mobo
    From Q6600 to the i5 2500k cpu
    From Antec 500w to a 750w
    and possibly a 2nd gtx465 or at least the ability to in the future

    That being said, I will give her the:
    P5QC - mobo
    Q6600 - cpu
    The HSF I already have
    RAM I have already
    HDD with win7 i have already or one that comes with the system
    My current case or the new one, whichever I like least.
    The 500watt antec
    And I'll get her a cheaper gpu.

    Here are the 4 I'm looking at:

    I've actually taken the h67 mobo system off, so it's just the 3 with the z68 mobo's
  15. So final thoughts here, one of those systems = 550 + 100psu + 75 for her gpu + 130 for 2nd gtx465 = $805


    I buy my upgrade mobo (130) cpu (180) hsf (30) 2nd gtx465(130) psu (100) her gpu (75) her case (50) her hdd (50) her os (100) *i think that's everything she'll/I will need* which = 845
  16. Best answer
    That link didn't work for me.

    That bundle deal is really good.Because their bundled you save about $150 compared to buying them seperatly.I would really reccomend getting that over buying them seperatly if that's your intentions.

    As I said before if you upgrade to a 2500k you probably won't even need the 2nd GTX465 to max out SC2 and DOTA.If you want to max out BF3 you will likely need a GTX465 SLI but that's still 2 months away.

    Bare bones deal=$585 + $100(PSU) + Her GPU.Just give your current PC to her and then you use the bare bones kit.I would also suggest giving her the Rosewill PSU that comes in that bundle to replace your old Antec one.

    I don't understand why you would go with the second option.The Bare Bones kit already has the 2500K and mobo.A lot better mobo.
  17. Yea I agree,

    Seperate would go: i5 $180 + Mobo $150 + PSU $100 + Case for her $50 + HDD/OS for her $150 + GPU for her $75 + PSU for her $50 = $755

    Combo Deal would go: $585 + GPU for her $75 + Dvd/cd $25 = $685 and with a better mobo.

    Do you agree?

    Can we get some 2nd opinions?
  18. Yah you can see where that $150 you save from the bundle comes from.It's a way better deal,imo.

    I'll try to look around and see if I find any better combo deals.

    Do you not have a CD drive in your current PC?
  19. I do see, and thank you for your continued efforts. I basically want the end product to be:

    I have an i5 2500k with a mobo that supports SLI

    and for her to have a nice complete computer in the cheapest manner possible for those things to happen.

    I do have a CD drive in the current rig
  20. Why would you need to buy another CD-Drive then?

    Is she a hardcore gamer or more of a play every once in a while type of gamer? Do you have any ideas on what GPU your going to get for her?
  21. Just to let you know that $585 combo deal is actually a daily deal.Probably only for today.
  22. I didn't realize the system came with a CD-Drive. She's not hardcore but would like to be able to play sc2 on average settings ya know? or things like wow on avg settings.

    A suggestion on a GPU that's cheap cheap cheap but pretty darn good? lol.

    Thanks for telling me about that special deal being only today.
  23. I would suggest going with a 6670 or 6770.The 6770 is at the $100(with rebate) mark while the 6670 is right around $80.The 6770 is the entry level GPU for high performance graphics and it's much much better than the GTS450.
  24. I'm really more comfortable with nvidia cards, but if you think there are no comparable nvidia cards to the ati your suggesting that's fine.

    Thank you very very much stank, I need to think on it a bit but I think I'll be making the purchase. Thanks so much!
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  26. Well actually the GTX550ti and 6770 are about the same but the 6770 is a very tiny bit faster.But the 6770 is around $120=$100 after MIR while the GTX550ti is $130.Nvidia doesn't offer anything below the GTX550ti so if you wanted to remain under $100 the 6670 is the next best thing.

    Your Welcome.

    PM me if you need any further assistance.
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