Transfer all files from one hard drive to another

i just bought a new computer. i want to transfer all files from my old computer to the new one, using usb.
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  1. You would be better off installing the original hdd into the new pc as a storage drive, then just drag and drop your music/pictures etc
    but using usb,
    plug usb into original pc, copy some files onto it,
    then plug into the new pc and copy onto that,
    dependant on the size of your usb drive and the amount of files to be copied, it could take a very long time that way, and you will also need to install any programs, not just copy them over, although program data files should copy over fine, once installed the pc should use them as normal, provided you have them in the correct folder of course
  2. You could use Acronis True Image but it's $50.
    If both disks are WD's you can get a free WD copy from WD.
    Transfer will still be painfully slow due to USB.
  3. you can set up a home server with ethernet and start downloading but the best way is to just plug in the harddrive into the new pc.
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