Which GPUs can crossfire with an A8-3870k and is it work it?

Looking at parts for a friends new build with a budget of $500.

I was reading around and saw some people recommend AMD's A8-3870k APU and just using the GPU that comes in it (6650 i believe). From what i read though, that GPU is pretty weak alone... I then read that you can combine a dedicated AMD GPU with the APU and sort of crossfire them or something to increase gaming performance. I also hear the 3870k overclocks pretty good, even with the stock fan. So i could do that to get more performance along with the second GPU right?

Back to the topic title though haha... Which GPUs are compatible with this? I mostly see people say the 6670 is the best thing you can pair but i have seen a few people mention that 67** (like the 6750) series cards work too. I cant seem to find any sort of official word. Also do you need a special motherboard to do this or do all FM1 boards support it?

Assuming the 6670 is the best possible combo, how would it perform against, lets say, a Phenom II X4 960t + 6850 (or 6870)?

Phenom II X4 960t + 6850 = around $275 ($290 with a 6870)
A8-3870k + 6670 = around $230-245 (more if i pick the OC model)

I figure the Phenom combo will perform better, but is it $30 worth better?

Also with the ridiculous prices on hard drives at the moment, it's getting pretty hard to build something good for $500 :(

Help me people of the internet!
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  1. i3-2100 would be a better option.
  2. the phenom is a lot faster. also i3 is not a better option, its only better in select conditions and the phenom is faster in others.
  3. amuffin said:
    i3-2100 would be a better option.

    I forgot to mention it's not a pure gaming computer. I know the i3-2120 (i think that's the new one) is the best option for a budget gaming build but she will be using this computer mostly for school. She told me she does want to be able to play games but it's not the primary reason for getting a new computer haha. She is an art student in college and so it will mostly be used for art stuff like Photoshop and other programs. From what i read the i3 is great for games but when it comes to multitasking and other applications, a multi-core setup is better.
  4. Here is the build so far (with the APU) ... I just took a screenshot of the cart and saved it in paint haha http://img853.imageshack.us/img853/6503/derpel.png
  5. I'd go with the phenom with an 6870, its faster in every aspect than the A8 considerably.

    also you'd want the phenom over the i3 if you want better multitasking and multithreaded performance like in photoshop.
  6. The phenom looks to be the best choice, you get a better cpu and graphics card. It should be fine for both gaming and other uses.
  7. So you would say the Phenom 960t and HD 6870 will perform better than the A8 and a 6550 + 6670 in crossfire?
  8. yes. the phenom cpu is like 5% better and the 6870 is about 40% better than the A8 with crossfire. Performance of the crossfire is only around that of the 6770.
  9. Yes, from what I've read the a8+6670 cf should be closer to a 6770 than a 6870 in power. (note, just read)
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