Motherboard not detecting the HDD & DVD

I have a motherboard (Model : Gigabyte : GA-H55M-S2V. I have given the sata connection and the power connection with the motherboard . But when i am trying to see the bios status the motherboard is not detecting the HDD & DVD . pls tell me what to do ?
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  1. Plugged into an enabled controller on the board? Check BIOS settings.
  2. Hi,

    Thanks for your reply. But I have checked all the settings of the bios . It is enabeld as SATA, And the detection mode is Auto.

    I have connected all the sata port with the sata cable and the power cord from the SMPS.

    But still it is not detecting .

    Please help.
  3. So if the SATA controller is enabled in BIOS (not all are by default) then you have a bad drive.
  4. If you have the SATA drives set to AHCI in BIOS the HDD and any other drive will not be detected in see the drives..Plug your DVD drive into the last SATA port and set the drives to IDE mode --->reboot...Question: Does the computer boot up to the OS? If yes...then...Can you see the drives when you open the My Computer icon ? ...I am assuming you are running Windows
  5. I think my Motherboard has a problem .... So i have send it to the company for repairing
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