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PSU comsumption

Hi guys,

First of all, sorry if this question is already answered in another thread. I want to buy a new PSU, and i want to know if there is any difference in power comsumption ($) between a 1200w psu and a 650w psu if my system eats around 500w.

Thx a lot!
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    A system pulling 500w is going to still pull 500w no matter what size PSU you use.

    500w will be pulled from 1200w the same as 500w will still be pulled from 600w.

    If your looking for money saving options, the higher 80PLUS efficiency the better. However, also bare in mind the 80PLUS Gold/Platinum PSU's hold a hefty price tag over Bronze/Silver rated and due to the extra cost you will never see any savings in terms of your electricity bill within the PSU's "lifetime".

    PSU's best efficiency range is usually when they are operating about 60% load. So if you have a system constantly pulling 500w, then about a 750w PSU would be recommended. Again though, be aware your system wont always been running the same wattage, 500w is likely to be what the system with use when every component is at 100% usage which unless benchmarking - is likely to never happen.
  2. Thx a lot! I will look for those 80plus gpus. I'm thinking in buying a 7970 hd now and cf it in the future. Maybe with a 1000w psu it will be enought, but its only 20$ cheaper than the 1250 one...

    The lifetime of a good psu its around 100.000 hours right?
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