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I'm looking into getting a better sound card, since my aureal sq2500 will most likely never again see new drivers. I do not want to buy a sound blaster since they're overpriced and very evil. I've heard good things about the Acoustic Edge by Philips, and I have a couple pressing questions: Does it support normal sets of stereo speakers? I have two sets of boston ba635s, and I don't want to have to buy new speakers...although one more set would totally rule if that's what this sound card does. Also, is it AMD friendly? My tbird and kt7 seem to dispise my sq2500... :(

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  1. Firstly I can't tell you about the compatability thing. As far as your speakers it is more friendly than the SBLive.

    Look in the Sound card section here for posts I made with links to articles.

    I read in one review the the killer 5.1 setup would be 3 sets of Klipsch promedia's (2 speaker version). One drawback, the 2 speaker are $200 while the four are only $50 bucks more.

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  2. Montego are very good sound cards, we sell them at work and muso's and people in the know buy them, Gamers and the like buy Creative
  3. Maximum PC magazine recently reviewd the Acoustic Edge and it received a 9(Kick Ass) Only minus mentioned was excessive CPU usage in gaming @ 6%. Not sure what kind of system they used for benchmarks, so I don't know about AMD compatibility. But most PCI card probs with Athlons seem to be in the IRQ settings which is usually easily fixed.
  4. That 6.5% seems really high. Isn't it usually sub-1 or am I confusing peak with avg usage?
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