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my husband takes his mp3 player to work with him and his birthday is coming up. he is wanting some better/louder speakers. considering his line of work is remodeling apartments we are not wanting to spend a ton on speakers. i am clueless on what to buy. the ones he is using now are just standard speakers that aren't very loud. thanks so much!!
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  1. What MP3 player does he use? If its an iPod, there are some great docking station speakers.

    What's the "budget" to spend on the speakers? - They vary greatly in price.

    Do they need to run from batteries? Or are you looking for something that plugs into a wall socket?
  2. I am currently using the Razer Ferox portable speakers, they come in at around £40. The battery on them will easily last a full day and they charge rather quickly on USB.

    The sound quality is brilliant for the size of them and they looked great. They are brilliant if you dont want to be carting around large speakers.

    Ideally however the device should have an equaliser on them as the base by default is fairly low.
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