Phenom x4 with m5a97

My build has a phenom 965 be at stock clocks and an m5a97 asus motherboard. I realized that my cpu was running at a constant 800 mhz with a multiplier of 4. I figured this out in cpu-z and amd overdrive. I did disable all the power saving features in bios and updated the bios. The clock would always remain at 800 mhz, even when running stress tests in prime. I looked all over the web and most people were only able to fix this problem by getting a new motherboard, but my motherboard is supposed to be compatible with my cpu. They should be compatible because my cpu used to run at normal settings, but I am not sure when this problem started occuring.

My other parts:

cm 460w psu
2 x 4 gig patriot ram ddr3 1333
evga 650 ti
wd 500 gb hdd
hyper 212 cpu fan

I ran multiple tests and found out it was not a power supply problem. My cpu temperatures never exceed 40 celcius.

Does anyone know how to get my cpu up to the right clocks?
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  1. Have you tried running OCCT?

    Even with "maximum performance" selected in Windows 7, the default cooling option for the processor is "passive". This means that it will slow the clock down to the lowest speed possible when not stressed. There is little harm in terms of performance, but it would make things like CPU-Z show the minimum clock of 800mhz if all you have running is that one lightweight program. OCCT will let you see the realtime clock speeds while running a stress test. I bet you will see they tick up to 3400mhz as soon as the system is under load.
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