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Hi all, I just got a new gfx card, the xfx 6870. I put the card in, fit perfectly in my motherboard but when i started up the pc, my moniter got a blackscreen and just sat there. I would of thought it was a problem with my power supply, but the motherboard gave me the same short beep on startup which I thought meant everything is okay. I can hear it making welcome noises through the headset. It just seems like the video isn't there. Also, when i turn the monitor on without anything attached to the cable on it, it says "check signal cable", but now, it is just a black screen. Please help...
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  1. Check connection to monitor to pc
  2. starravier said:
    Check connection to monitor to pc

    I did, it's fine.
  3. Did you connect the power cable to the back of the card? Don't be offended if you did - I've seen this problem a few times. Try another connector if you did, it could be something about the psu.
  4. What about the mobo? How old is it? does it have onboard graphic card? if yes, connect the cabble to it and enter the bios. See if the external graphic card is disabled or not. If not, try using your old videocard, and update the mobo's bios.
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