CPU Melt Down????


I have an old AMD Athlon computer i turned it on the other day and i got a pungent burning smell and now the main board powers up and the heat sink fan spins but it is NOT going through the P.O.S.T and it is not beeping i think it is melt down the heat paste is dry and crumbly

ddoes this sound like melt down??
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  1. Hi :)

    Smell the PSU.....Those symptoms are normally psu...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Re-applying thermal paste might be a wise move too.
  3. Greetings.

    Fan has to turn fast enough, not just turn.

    Thanks for the post. I searched CPU thermal meltdown and found this thread. In my case the fan was turning, but turning too slowly. Checking temps in the BIOS I was over 75 C. Fan wasn't moving much air. Swapped fans and I"m at 43 C overclocked. :P

    Posting this for anyone else that comes along. Interested to hear how you resolved your issue though.

    Thanks again. Thanks all.

    Be real, be sober.
  4. A strong acidic smell is usually caused from a blown PSU. If you have an extra PSU or know someone who does switch it out and see if it works.
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