I have intall windows 7 on dell gx 280 but the massag appears that your cpu is n

i have got dell gx280 modle with 3.0 ghz processer so when i installed windows 7 is gives me a massege that my cpu is not compatible with 64 bit please tell me what should i do.

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  1. I would highly reccomend you upgrade your Bios to the latest version, Dell are well known for releasing models with Bios' which do not fully support the next released OS
  2. GX280 came with the old netburst Pentium 4's and are not 64-bit compatible.
  3. You must have one of the early Pentium 4 CPUs that don't support the 64 bit instruction set. Your only choice if you really want to run 64 bit windows is to upgrade to a P4 of the "prescott" line.
  4. Install Win7 - 32bit.
    The install divd may have come with both versions. If your didnt you can still use a 32bit install disk with your 64bit key. The key is valid for either install.
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