Does this motherboard have 2 PCI X16?

So I am looking to buy this motherboard

And also getting 2 GTX 660s in SLI.

Does this motherboard have 2 full PCI x16 3.0 slots for the 2 GTX 660's?

If it doesn't is there any motherboards in the same price range or little higher?
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  1. alexoiu said:

    Is there any motherboards out there which are x16 x16 in SLI which doesn't cost a lot of money, also will I see any massive difference when in SLI and runs at x8 x8
  2. alexoiu said:

    So if I run 2 GTX 660 in SLI at 1920x1080 resolution than it be same if I did have a board that supports x16 x16... In noticed it says

    In last week’s evaluation we found that x16/x8 was very similar in performance to x16/x16

    How do I put my GTX 660 in x16 and x8?
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