Need help updating 7900 GO, for my laptop

I just built a desktop for a friend, and instead of paying me ( he spent $2200. on his rig ) he asked if I would accept an old 20inch laptop, he told me it wasn't working but I figured i could give it a shot ( or he said he would pay me if I couldn't ).
it's specs:
Model Sager NP5960 (SKU M590KE)
Proc, AMD Turion 64 x2 mobile tech. TL-60 2.0 ghz
4g ram installed
Nvidia GeForce Go 7950 gtx sli
mobo - Nvidia CK8 - with nforce4 chipset
When I got it, it would post, and even have a windows loading screen, but it would not open windows. I ran it in safe mode, and it worked, so first thing I did was disabled the display adapters, restarted and it worked without safe mode. Pinned the problem down to one card, took it out and the laptop works just fine as it is. But I wanted to breath some new life into it, and was wondering what if anything I could do to up date the video cards, I have no knowledge of laptop cards. Have no idea what would even fit in it. Just plain clueless and asking for advice ^^ i don't have batteries in my d-camera, but I can track some down if any one needs pics of the gpu and laptop or w/e etc etc,
Thanks :hello:
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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like you took out one of the GO 7950GTX cards and the system started working properly?

    If so, then while you may be able to find newer cards that can physically fit into the slot, finding drivers to drive them (if they even exist) would be, at best, problematic.

    Your best bet would be to return the laptop (letting him know it works fine with one card installed) and getting paid for your work.

    -Wolf sends
  2. First off, thx for the reply ^^ and I am great full to see a different perspective, But not to sound rude I think I need someone with more gaming laptop tech experience, first drivers aren't an issue I can force drivers and use non digitally signed drivers on win 7 with ease, not only that nvidia still has drivers for those cards that are current.
    So why would it not have an 8xxx series driver support?
    My original question is what if anything past whats in it "could" fit in there and -work- with it's hardware.
    The reason I want to keep this laptop is because of the 21 inch screen, it's beast,
    on a laptop with two hdd bays, sli, and a mobo that supports as much ram as a current game would ever use, I think i would rather have it, than $100. Plus I travel alot, and being able to watch whatever hi-def file I have on my media hdd's on a sexy 20+ inch monitor is just sexy
    Also on a side note, Sager still will do full support on this laptop. So if worst comes to worst, I send it to them and pay for the parts, witch would be just one gpu at this point. The last time I looked, I couldn't get a 20 inch laptop for less then a grand, not saying I couldn't find one used, but i did maybe 6 hours of work for this guy, and that's only about $100, and that's charging heavy. So 20+ inch back lit lcd with zero deffects with dual hdd bays ( RAID ready ) 4 gigs ram, and if I shell out a little investment I can stick an 8xxx series or higher gpu's in there, not a little bad mobile directx 10 gaming machine. thats worth more then $100 to me. Plus I can turn around and sell it for more on craigs list as it is anyway.
    PS, if any of that sounded rude, that was not at all my intention, just stating my reasons.
    Thank you again

    -edit for clarification
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