Appropriate ivy bridge motherboard with sandy bridge support

Hello Guyz!
New to this forum.Just wanted to ask about a good motherboard near $150 - $160 supporting both sandy bridge and ivy bridge. I currently want it to be with intel dual core g630 and 8gb memory and further want to upgrade it to i series ivy bridge. Also do tell me if ivy bridge is any good with OC. I currently have a 500 gb sata hdd, vengeance 4 gb x 2 sticks and a hd 6670. No crossfire support is needed. I also have a cooler master extreme pro 600w power supply. Is it enough?
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  1. 150 is a lot to spend on a mobo for Snady or even Ivy. But if you insist. This is an amazing board for the price. I own one myself.

    It would allow a decent OC as well.

    Ive is a decent clocker, runs a little hot but thats normal for Ivy. My 3570K runs at a constent 4.6GHz.
  2. Thanks for reply.
    Will it better than ASUS P8Z77-V LX? i havnt tried any asrock yet.
  3. ASrock is very reliable, they hold a few OC records with their OC Formula board.

    EDIT : ASrock uses the same Japanese super reliable capacitors as Asus on their board, they also make most of their own onboard chips, NIC etc. They know how its done. Asus tends to be more expensive for the same thing IMO.
  4. Thank You very much
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