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when i build my computer do i have to flash it a bios before i install my cpu? and can you give me any tips for my first build
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  1. It depends on the motherboard and on the CPU. After deciding on a board and CPU, go to the manufacturer's website and check the board's CPU support list. They list the supported CPUs and the needed BIOS version.
    If buying ASUS, some of their boards feature the Flashback and you can flash the BIOS without starting the board.
  2. say it supports i7 i5 and i3 so do i have to flash the bios before i put the cpu in (i am assuming no) i am getting the i7 3770k
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    Let's suppose you've decided on this board: .
    Then you go to the ASRock:
    and check the CPU Support List:
    and see that the i7 3770k is supported by their first BIOS version (P1 20). So no BIOS update needed.
    Notice that other CPUs require P1 30, or 40 or 80). For those, the board (depending when it was manufactured) might require a BIOS update.
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