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I was thinking about replacing the computer that my family uses for Christmas this year. Its a 2.8ghz pentium 4 running xp. I bet I could build a very cheap pc. They use it for web browsing, email, itunes and quicken. I'm not sure what the best processor would be though.

-pentium g630 2.7ghz dual core sandy bridge $90
-llano a4-3400 2.7ghz dual core apu $80
-athlon II x3 3.4ghz triple core cpu $90

Would graphics on the cpu be overkill for youtube videos and farmville? If so wouldn't it be smarter to go with the higher clocked, extra core athlon II? The pentium is socket 1155 so that would have many upgrade options.
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  1. I would tend to go with Llano . One of the triple core models .
    I think not having to buy a graphics card , and the lower power consumption make it worthwhile
  2. doesnt really matter for what your family does it will get the job done, but I would also agree with Outlanders choice
  3. The triple core cpu is only clocked at 2.1ghz. I feel like most of usage wouldn't utilize all the cores efficiently. Are you guys recommending the llano cpu because of the graphics? Wouldn't a 3.4 ghz athlon II x3 blow a three core 2.1 ghz llano cpu as far as cpu performance goes?
  4. As far as cpu performance yes. But the integrated graphics of llano is far superior any other igp. So watching movies, playing games (even the flashed base ones) and browsing the web will have better performance. You could probably get away with the dual core llano with no problem though.
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