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I can't make up my mind on what card to buy to get the best performance at 1920 x 1080. I am running a dual monitor setup but only gaming on one(and don't have space for a third).

I was thinking about 2x 6950's or 2x 6970 if i went the crossfire route or a single 6990 or gtx 590. I'm sure its probably overkill for that res but i also want to run games at max for the forseable future. I do love the eye candy!
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  1. you dont need 2 of any of those cards for 1920x1080, not to mention 2 cards will give you microstutter. If your up for spending that much money get a single gtx580 or 6970, even one of the OC'd versions, you will be able to max out any current game.
  2. Well its going to be part of my new build so i want to ensure that i am covered for future releases as best that i can. I know i don't need the greatest card to deal with games at that resolution but i assume that the better the card, the better i will be prepared for new releases.

    My real issue is that i found it hard to find benchmarks at that resolution for the higher end cards, so its difficult to choose one over the other.
  3. Buy the gtx 580 if you only are gaming on one monitor. Hell, you can even max out almost every game with the gtx 570 without a problem.
  4. funny i have yet to experience microstutter......i game w/eyefinity tho.....5720x1080

    at 1920x1080 ..there is really no "best" they'll all kick a$$ 570,580 -- 6950,6970 any of those will do well as long as you have a good processor backing it up
  5. Go for the GTX 580 you would have a hard time finding the HD 6970 those are really scarce right now.
    I Currently game on a single 1920 x 1080 monitor with my GTX 580, it maxes out every setting on every game I through at it as long as I don't enable v-sync.
    I always pull better than 30 FPS witch is really the lowest you need to worry about.
    But if you wait you will be able to see how the new HD 7000 series performs from AMD they are getting ready to release them. so for single card graphics the gtx 580 might be surpassed until nvidia releases their next gen cards.
  6. I agree, the gtx 580 is the only card of that caliber that you'll find right now because the AMDs are impossible. The other thing, if you really wanted, is to get a mobo capable of SLi, buy the 580 and then just buy another one later on down the road. That will give you all the for thought you'd ever need.
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