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I3 2100 CPU at 100 degrees Celsius


I just built this PC a month ago and have noticed that during both start-up and during any sort of gameplay the temperature of the CPU and mobo rises to 100 Celsius quite quickly.

The CPU is using the stock heatsink and its safe temp should be around 69. When its idle (or basic usage browsing etc) the temps average around 50.
Ive been checking this using speccy and the bios.

Here are my computer specs:

i3 2100 CPU @ 3.1ghz
MSi P67A-G45 mobo
Seagate barracuda 1tb
Geforce GTX 460 1GB
8gb 1333mhz RAM
2x Antec Tricooler fans (set to high)
2x Akasa LED fans
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
antec truepower 550w psu

Can you please advise me on this problem.
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  1. It sounds like your stock HSF is not seated properly. Those push-pin thingy's can be troublesome. I assume you used the supplied heat sink pad which comes with the stock fan or did you replace it with another heat sink compound?
    Also, get HWMonitor to check entire system temps. Google it, there are many free d/l's.
    100C is WAY too high a temp and at idle, 40-45C should be normal.
  2. First thing, use CoreTemp to verify reads directly from the CPU, not through BIOS (which can sometimes throw up errors).

    Second thing is to check that you have thermal paste on the CPU, that the cooler is seated correctly (all for push-pins have secured through the mounting holes on the mobo) and that the fan is connected and spinning.

    Let us know how you get on with all that. :)
  3. Well if those temps are true thats really really high. My i5 2500k got 81 under prime95 with stock heatsink.

    Use another program to check the temps. If both show the same"

    Is the fan working?
    Does the chassis have good airflow?
    Is the heatsink mounted well?
    Can you pull off the heatsink?
    Is there thermal paste in between it and the CPU?
  4. the heatsink is definitely seated properly, it uses push in pins holds, and the stock had thermal paste already applied to the bottom.

    To answer maxis' questions, all are yes.

    under both core temp and hwmonitor, and speccy show current core temps at 60 Celsius, only programs i have open are skype, WMP and google chrome.
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    Here is a good way to check to make sure that the stock HSF is seated properly. Reach in and grab each of the Twist pins and pull straight up. You don't have to pull hard just pull. Work your way around all 4 of the twist pins to ensure that they are all seated right. If it comes up then it wasn't seated well and you need to lock it in place again.

    I always like to put the HSF on the board before I mount it in the case as it will allow me to check to make sure that all for pins are all the way through and locked in place by looking on the backside of the board.

    Christian Wood
    Intle Enthusiast Team
  6. ok, ive opened it up, one of the plastic holders around one of the pins was bent into 90 degree angle, blocking the pin entry on one of the pins. How can i get this plastic bent back into position? I've been trying to hold it into place but it keeps bending outwards when i insert it into the slot.
  7. Ok forgive me for not understanding what part you are talking about, is this part if the HSF or part of the board?

    If it is the of the HSF is it the white part that spreads when the twist clip is locked in place?

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  8. yep its that, the plastic just wont go in, im wondering would it be possible to either heat this plastic back into position (least preferred option) or to just tabe out the pin and up a screw in its place.
  9. what would be best to do in this case?
  10. best thing to do is,

    i believe you can buy an aftermarket cooler than you can screw in

    here is an example (would never buy this myself but its a good example)
  11. thanks, it seems like i have no choice then.

    ill go for the hyper 212 evo instead though. Its a bit cheaper as well where i live.
    Thanks for all you help. Ill be closing this thread.
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