Inno3d gts450 to a 2 projectors for presentation is it possible?

hi dear masters... i have a problem here please help me out.. i have a presentation... nextweek so i need to put 2 projectors in one pc is it possible?

my rig is like this...
core2 quad 2.66ghz Q8400
2x2gb ddr2 ram corsair xms2
cougar 700watts cmx
GTS450 inno3d 1gb (it hsa 2 DVI on the back.. is it possible to use that in my 2 projectors? i have 2 converter DVI to VGA converter)
1 tera seagate
my benq 16"LED (is it possible not to use it.. so i rather use my 2 projectors?
2 projectors (benq and viewsonic)
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  1. Yes, your graphic card will support 2 duplicated output. But you have a presentation, so I recommend you get it working and setup, test ran a bit before the real talk. You don't want a driver problem or screen aspect ratio, resolution problem or other graphics related problem happening right before your presentation.
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