Good match for my parts?

I plan on getting the i5-3570K Ivy Bridge. It has the LGA 1155 socket.

the power supply will be a corsair tx-750 or 650, depending on my final build.

I want to use motherboard with these requirements:
1. a z77 chipset
2. atx sized form factor
3. multiple pci, pci-e 2.0 at least, and sata for future expansions
5. usb 3.0
6. less than $200

any other goodies would be nice. maybe the potential to raid.These are the results I got after filtering out my choices:

I've looked around for motherboards and I've come up with an asrock extreme3 for $99

Would this motherboard work with these parts?
If there are any other motherboards you recommend, that would be great. Again my max is $200
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  1. That asrock will work but I would get this ASUS on its current deal
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