Question about Pico PSU's

Hello everyone. I am a bit confused by these PicoPSU's. First of all I am planning on build a new system and I am not entirely sure I will be able to power it using one of these PicoPSU's.

MSI mini-ITX MoBo

Intel i3 2100 Sandy Bridge 3.1Ghz 65W CPU

OCZ Vertex Series 30GB SATA II Solid State Drive

Kingston 4GB (1x4GB) DDR3 1333 Value RAM

The PicoPSU I want to use is the 150-XT. The problem I am having is I cannot find a 150W (or greater) 12V power adapter. The best I have found is a 120W power brick.

I've used the power supply calculators available through Thermaltake and eXtreme, and they both say the recommended PSU wattage is 150W under 100% full load.

Is that really necessary, or are the the calculators just generous? Would the 120W be enough? Thanks for taking the time to read my question!

Also, I plan on using this PC for only 1 thing that I don't think is very intensive, so a 100% load on the system is pretty unlikely.
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  1. 120W should be fine.
    Shows the max load on a 2100 system around 110, but as you said, you probably won't be maxing anyway.
  2. Ah thank you! Something else I forgot to mention, I am planning on using the chips integrated GPU. Does anyone have any idea how much extra power that might pull?

    I also would like to note that I have found 12V 150W power adapters but I they all have some sort of odd output jack. I need to keep the 2.5/5.5 output.

    From what I have seen I think the 120W will suffice, at least I hope.

    Doh! I feel dumb... Didn't even think to check Ebay until now... :P Thanks again for the help kajabla!
  4. Mini-Box has a 150 Pico PSU, here's the link.
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