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Should i wait for ivy and 28nm gpu

i planned to get a new cpu but dropped it as the intel ivy is comming soon and as the new generation graphic cards are on the move.i would use a single monitor and max res would be 1080p, would be using the system for mostly gaming(decently), then watching videos etc. now the question is--is there a need to wait for the ivy and the new gpu's.(both 28nm) or get a i7 2600 and 9hd6950 or gtx560ti 0r gtx570) now... i wont be upgrading the pc in a short while so certain degree of future proofing is required.
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  1. you will get more "bang for the buck" if you wait

    3500k is coming out, 2500k will be cheaper.
    gtx 680 will come out and bring down the 7970 prices
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    Depends how desperately you want it. The newer stuff will be better, but probably not so much better that it really changes anything much (at least in the CPU department). I would personally wait when it is only around 2 – 4 months, but you might not want to.
  3. don't buy the i7, its not worth it over than the i5.
  4. Well, the i7 isn't worth it for gaming anyway. It is for some other uses.
  5. i5-2500k--------->i5-3570k.
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  7. thanks for the reply guys. i would wait then for the new processor and gpu
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