2 x HD 6850 on a Asus P8P67 Pro?

Hi guys,

Does anyone know if you can you install 2 x HD 6850 1GB GDDR5 DUAL DVI HDMI DP Out PCI-E on a Asus P8P67 Pro?

We just need to run hefty animations over 4 HD displays.

MB: http://www.ebuyer.com/260185-asus-p8p67-pro-r3-p67-socket-1155-8-channel-hd-audio-atx-p8p67-pro-r3

GFX: http://www.ebuyer.com/248886-xfx-hd-6850-medal-of-honor-1gb-gddr5-dual-dvi-hdmi-dp-hd-685x-znfe

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  1. werner123 said:
    Hi, yes you'll be fine enjoy! just make sure your PSU is good enough

    Great thanks.

    I have ordered a OCZ 1250W ZX SERIES PSU 80+ GOLD RATED Ultra-quiet double-ball bearing fan. This should be sufficient hopefully?
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