Need help with building pc

Hello everyone :) my names hunter.

I'm looking for help with building a gaming PCM for Christmas

I need help with choosing a Mobo, CPU, graphics card and memory sticks for a desktop.

I understand how's to build a pc because I have with friends multiple times.
The only thing is I don't nderstand how motherboard and graphics cards match up. Like to get the most out of them. I don't know how the sizes match up.

I would like any suggestions u have! Thanks :)
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    The newest ivy bridge Intel cpus may run at pci-e 3.0 on some boards. Look for 16x speed on single slot boards; some dual slot only run at 8x in sli mode. Not much else to look for except to be sure your power supply has enough amps on the 12v rail for high end cards, and your case has clearance from front to back and will clear your ram sticks. If your power supply is low end, replace it first before getting a new mid to high end card, such as the 7850 or 660ti. I recommend a minimum of 24 amps on multiple 12v rail power supplies, or 30-60 amps on a single 12v rail. Lots of deals at newegg and amazon this weekend on corsair and antec ps. I recommend this deal for the $179 3570K combo today only if you have a frys nearby:
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