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I currently have 2 * 2GB of
I can get the same exact memory but 2 * 4 GB to add to the existing setup thus maxing out my available slots and having 2 * 2 GB and 2 * 4 GB for a total of 12 GB.
This is gonna set me back 54€

Or should I put in 20€ more and go for Ripjaws or Ares 2 * 8 GB and leave the other two slots open for future expansion?

I'm constantly maxing out my 4 GB and so the main question is will, 12 GB be enough for the next 3/4 years or should I just put in the extra 20€?

12 GB seems enough now but so did 4 GB 2/3 years ago when I built the system.

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  1. Is using 4 slots in any way better than using only two slots?

    And is there any noticable difference to CL7 vs CL9/10?
    The ares kit 2 * 8GB is CL9. While the ECO kit 2 * 2GB + 2 * 4GB is CL7.
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