RADEON HD 4650 1 gb overheating

I've RADEON HD 4650 1 GB PCI EX-2 graphics card. from the very beginning when i played normal graphics games as most wanted, time shift its temp. goes to 100-105 & pc direct shuts down. I have 4 GB ram & G-31 motherboard. plz help me..
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  1. Does the fan spin? Have you dusted it out? You can download rivatuner (free) and set the fan speed a bit higher. what are the processor temps?
  2. This prob starts 4rm beginning. All is clear & processor tomp 42-43 degree...
  3. Is the fan spinning? Have you tried turning the fan speed up?

    Do you have good case airflow like intake and exhaust fans?

    Is your power supply fan spinning?
  4. I didn't speed up the fan. It is in automatic mode. but there is an option to speed it up to 100%.
  5. Download rivatuner, and set your GPU fan to 75% while gaming (can set rules in riva). Also consider putting more fans into your case (airflow is good). Move your PC off the floor (seriously, put it on your desk).
  6. I run my HD5850 at 40% fan. When I play a game, I turn it up to 55%. Not that I have to but I don't like my card going over 60c.
  7. Thank u guys 4 support........ Problem has solved:))
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