Is Piledriver going to be good?

I'm thinking about getting a AMD FX 4100 and then just upgrading from the bulldozer to the piledriver when it comes out. Is piledriver going to be worth it, or should i just buy a intel system and call it good.
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  1. everyone hoped BD would be good, its OK, in my opinoin even a 30-40% improvement on OK would make them just competitive come the time that PD will be released. Do you think it'll have a 30-40% improvement, thats what you've got to hope for.
    I really hope they do it, I really do, but I don't see 30-40 as an update. Thats not even what netburst to core delivered, and that was a huge shift in computing power, especially power per price.
  2. Have a coin, fip - if It lands on edge - going to be great, Heads, or tails - Unknown

    I'd go intel. Not so much a question of will it/will it not beat current Intel or the downstream Intel cpu. More a question of support and chipset. Unfornatuely Intel has the MONEY and the manpower. AMD has said it is NOT going to compete with Intel on the Desktop High end - Says volumes.

    Not really a fanboy - Unless you need/want the High end, amd is good cost/performance for mid-end desktop. Besides, if gaming it's more about the GPU. Unless you really need more than 4 cores and >4 GHZ a mid level Beast is exceptable.
  3. I have a XFX radeon hd 6770. Wold A i3 do the trick for gaming? or more?
  4. Since PD is basically an upgrade to BD, I'm expecting a 10-15% performance boost, at best. So I view PD as still weaker then SB, and clearly behind IB.
  5. @gamerk316 I believe you will be correct.

    If anything, Piledriver might "catch up to" Sandy bridge, but even by then, Ivy bridge will be out.

    Although, it might not be until the CPU after Piledriver that we might seem competativeness from AMD on the CPU front again.
  6. ivb is only 8 weeks, away, whens PD due. IVB is +10%? based on leaks (could be rubbish).
  7. An I3 should not bootleneck a 6770. A stonger GPU wouldbe the 6870 - ofcoarse it also cost more. I think the I3 would be ok with the 6870, If I'm wrong someone will chime in an thell me by foot is in my mouth.

    Also the upgrade to the I3 would be the I5-2500k (well worth the $200 price tage.
  8. if you want pure gaming performance, get the i3. if you want more multitasking/multithreaded programs get an AMD quad core.

    the 6770 won't be bottlenecked by any modern cpu, not even a celeron.
  9. Piledriver is expected to have at most %10 more performance over bulldozer. This makes it comparable to intel 1st gen core series cpu's.
  10. i already own the 6770. So if i get a i3 2120 i should be able to game? then later upgrade to a i5 or i7?
  11. i3-2120, next year i5-3570k
  12. latter get the i5 as the i7 doesn't offer anything extra for its price in terms of gaming.
  13. are the fx 6100s any good?
  14. no, i3-2100
  15. There's absolutely no way to tell what kind of performance Piledriver will give, everyone here is random guessing. Piledriver is mainly supposed to be for FM2 APUs, AMD said they would continue using AM3+ until next year, but it's unsure what they're going to use it for or if they'll put out any Piledriver based chips.

    Ivy Bridge isn't really a performance upgrade over Sandy Bridge, they're focusing on less power consumption and better integrated graphics. Both Socket 1155 (Intel) and AM3+ (AMD) will be discontinued for next years CPUs, so the best upgrade either way will be this year's CPUs.
  16. judging by the trinity leaks, the cpu improvement is about 20%. could be more could be less.

    Pilldriver will perform on par the i7 extremes in rendering and video editing if it is 20% faster than bulldozer which might give AMD an edge but gaming it would be just below sandy bridge today.
  17. Based on AMD's estimates PileDriver should be 10% better than Bulldozer. Of course, AMD stated that about 1 month before Bulldozer was released. If true, then that should mean Piledriver's performance will be roughly close to the 1st generation of Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs.

    Only time will tell... We just have to wait for benchmarks.
  18. yep you should get i7 960 performance from the piledriver. which isnt bad but it will run warm and use a lot of electric.
  19. Judging from your other thread on the same topic you are going to spend ~$120 on your CPU. Any CPU around that price will not bottleneck a 6770. How much are you going to be willing to spend when you upgrade to PD/IB and will you be upping the GPU as well?

    Unless you are going to be getting a lot more GPU there won't be much point in going overboard on a new CPU. I think you should purchase the CPU you want now and don't worry about where CPUs are going to be in 6 months as the changes won't be enough to justify spending money for a CPU twice if you aren't going SLI/CFx.
  20. I don't think it is a question of "is it going to be", its now an issue of "it must be" good or it may be strike three territory. I would not be pleased with the 10% improvement, considering it is relatively on par with the X6 which is a good 2 generations soon to be 3 behind Intel, that is just not acceptable, If I was a AMD purest I would be spitting blood at the conservative approach by AMD.
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