Recently my Motherboard has stopped displaying out on my EVGA GTX 570. I updated to 2301 ROM (M4A89GTD-PRO-USB3-ASUS-2301) to attempt to solve the issue. However regardless of what steps I try, I cannot get the computer MB to recognize the Video Card.

However Earlier today before I reformat my computer, it would be blank up until windows loaded the desktop in which is would switch on.

This makes me believe windows was detecting it and turning it on but for whatever reason the Motherboard is not. Additionally now that I've reformated I'm having to use the intergrated graphics because I can't install the video card without it switching on.

Any ideas on something I'm not doing correctly?
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  1. So I figured out weird work around for this. Will probably end up getting a new motherboard but...

    I plugged in my 570 but plugged in my Monitor HDMI to Onboard HDMI. This allowed me to see the desktop as well as Nvidia's to detect the card and install the drivers. After everything was installed, I was able to reboot and plug in my monitor from HDMI to DVI on the card itself.
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