Motherboard and Graphics card compatibility

Hey I just bought a gpu and wanted to know if it was compatible with my mobo. I think it is but i'm new to all this and didn't have the model so im not sure.

Mobo: Intel Dz77-bh55k Processor: i5 3570k

GPU: XFX Radeon HD 7850 Model: FX785AZNFV

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    Those 2 should work fine together as long as you have a decent 500 watt 80+ Bronze approved power supply.
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  3. thanks
  4. Is this a good psu for my build? Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 500w Power Supply (RS500-PCARD3-US)
  5. Its not bad. But if you want a "Bang for the Buck!" I'd look at this drive, Coolermax @

    The PSU you selected is not bad. But I would consider getting a bit more juice and it is SLI Ready CrossFire Ready & 80 PLUS Certified.

    This is only my suggestion based on personal experiences I have had building systems over the last 10+ years. You may experience different results or have a positive or negative experience.

    Sorry just a "I am not at fault" short disclaimer, lol. I am more than happy to help though.
  6. I put drive, I meant PSU, sorry
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