Best Graphic Card for gaming as well as animation?

I'm currently enrolled in a BA program of animation and I'm interested in game design as well as playing them myself.I'm looking for a "value for money" graphics card and I know a very little about them.As I'm on a budget,some people have recommended me nVIDIA Quadro FX 580 which they say is good at rendering times and works smooth with Maya and Max.But when I did the research
,it disappointed me in terms of gaming.I'd want a card that is ACTUALLY capable of running Modern Warfare 2 at a playable fps.My current (the newest I bought) pc is a Dell Inspiron 620s with Core i3,3 GB RAM & 500 GB HDD.Can you suggest a suitable Graphic Card according to my needs? Please take note again that I'll be needing it for professional use (game engine) also.My budget is around $200.Also,most of the graphics cards are priced double the original price,in India.I will be preferring an nVIDIA card only.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Ok, well the best card you can get for your budget ($200, in US dollars, that is also an NVIDIA card) is the NVIDIA GeForce 560Ti, priced at $217 US. If cards there are double or something, the best one u can get for $100 US would be GeForce GTS 450 at $110 US (also NVIDIA). Now if you want to take a look at these benchmarks yourself, heres the link:

    All the prices are on the very right and all in US dollars. Hope this helps!
  2. So are u putting a new card in the Dell Inspiron?
    Then we need to know what motherboard is in it so we can make sure u can put certain vid cards in it.
    Also, can u research and tell u if Maya and Max are GPU or CPU based renderers?
    My renderer is different, KeyShot, and is CPU based.

    With these two answers and your budget we can figure this out.
  3. Sorry guys,I took it it to the engineer and he said that your Inspiron is useless and is not upgradable.As a result I'm sellin' it.I'll build a new rig now.Here:
    Thanks for the support.
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