ASRock FM2A85X Extreme4-M FM2 wont Xfire/Dual Graphics with 6670 GPU

Hey everyone!

So I bought this New FM2 5800k Processor. It overclocks Awesome! I have hit 4.9GHz on air and it has stayed under 46C while running Prime 95, not too shabby.

When trying to play games, BF3, on Low Settings at 1440x900 and even lower settings I would get all kinds of stuttering and really crap game play. So I thought, "I'll Add a 6670 and get more performance".

Here is what I have below

FM2 5800k Proc OC'd 4.6GHz w/Enermax Cooler
16gig DDR3-1866 G-Skill Sniper memory
Sapphire HD6670 Ultimate 1GB Video Card
450watt Antec PSU
ASRock FM2A85X Extreme4-M FM2 Mother Board
Windows 7 Pro 64bit SP1
All MS Updates and current chipset and Video Drivers listed below

"Dual Graphics Mode" will not run nor will show in the Engine Control Center. I have been reading for the last 3 days in this and cannot get my head around it. I have the primary graphics in the bios set to "Onboard" and I have matched the memory buffer with my Dedicated Card.

The PC recognizes both GPU's but will only use one. GPUz recognizes both cards but in turn just lets me know that "Crossfire" is "Disabled".

ASRock does not answer their phone calls for Tech Support. Instead they have you leave a message and then they do not call people back.

I have been happy for the past year with ASRock products as I use them in about 95% of my customers computers.

Just to add. This board does run great for web surfing watching videos etc. As a day to day PC its great! My whole purpose for building this was to build a budget PC to promote to customers for Christmas and now I am ready to throw it at the wall, lol.

More information is below if anyone has any ideas please throw me a line. It would be greatly appreciated.

FYI, I have not found anyone else online with this issue.................maybe because they are smart and only Buy Intel, lol.


ASRock FM2A85X Extreme4-M FM2 AMD A85X (Hudson D4) HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard

Bought From

Uploaded the PDF to my site

My WEI Score not that it matters but it is low compared to other reported scores
Windows Experience Index / Windows 7 Pro 64bit SP1
Driver 12.10
Graphics: Desktop Peformance for Windows AERO = 4.3
Gaming Graphics: 3D Business and Gaming Graphics = 6.2


Just read the pdf on the CD. I am confused though. They list graphics cards that I cannot find. Don't tell me it's the 6000 series because those don't work when tested. Read the info taken from the included electronic PDF located on the included ASRock CD

When going through the BIOS under "Advance"--->"North Bridge Configuration" you have 4 Options Available. 1. Primary Graphics Adapter 2. Share Memory 3. Onboard HDMI Audio 4. Dual Graphics *(read below) 5. DVI Function. When I installed a Sapphire GDDR5 6670 GPU I only saw 1,2,3,5. I never saw Dual Graphics.

Option #4 if you have a 7000 Series Dedicated GPU

*This item appears only when you install AMD RADEON
HD7450/7470/7570/7670 (where do we find these cards?) graphics card on this motherboard. Use
this to enable or disable Dual Graphics feature. If you enable this
option, the primary monitor will be onboard VGA. If you select
[Auto], Dual Graphics function will be automatically enabled when
you install AMD RADEON HD7450/7470/7570/7670 graphics

ASRock. Please release a BIOS update to recognize the GPU's listed on AMD's box when buying the Processors. A10 Series use the 6670 & 6570. There are no 7570 or 7670 Dedicated GPU's that I can find.
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  1. Hello
    I am thinking of buying the same motherboard and processor for graphic design work. I was also looking for the possible graphic cards to upgrade later and noticed that there is very few places where someone authoritatively declares what GPU's shoud be used to employ both processors at once. One such a place is ASRock manual which states GPUs that are not actually on the market. Oops! AMD/Radeon declares those GPU's as only built in their APU's. AMD on their video about DualGraphics say that A series is compatible with Radeon series 6000... ( in the end of video)
    The feature of buying built in GPU (APU) and later using it as one of DualGrapgics is why I'm buying this whole thing.
    Until now I thought that it was only commercial trick, that AMD simply renamed their GPU in APU from HD6xxx to HD7xxx to be up to date with their current Radeon series. But if this pair is not working, and according to the manual of MB it don't has to (it's not HD7xxx ), then maybe soon we will see on the market real HD7670 discrete GPU that will be compatible with A10 APU... Though for testing in AMD they use today's, not tomorrows GPU, and with 6.. in the beginning...
    Can it be so? Or am I optimistic dreamer...
    If it is not working and not going to then this messes the whole idea of buying this new series... But I was enjoying the whole idea so much, I have AMD on all my current machines and wanted to try this new one. I still think there must be a mistake, maybe in a Bios, maybe somewhere else.
    Have you achieved any results in attempts to make this pair working?
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