Server Subsection please

In the CPU section there are a lot of people asking about server realted isssues and spening.

If we had the Server sub section in the CPU section then people could get better help


If there was a Server, HPC section in the main forums then we could isolate people who need help on there server, HPC needs and have people knowledgeable in that area go there and post answers instead of in the CPU section where they often get overrun by other less knowledgeable threads that aren't as important as the server, HPC threads.

basically if there was a standalone server section then those people seeking help in that area can get faster answers and not be ignored for "easier
to answer threads in the CPU section

Anybody else have any better ideas?
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More about server subsection please
  1. Good idea,

    I added one. I agree that CPUs isn't the perfect place for it, but I'm not sure I want to create a whole new top-level section.

  2. sweet!! thanks i didn't think i would get this fast a reply

    any way can you look into this idea as well?
  3. Hi,

    I have suggested this to the management, but that is above my pay-grade :) I'm sure there are plans for this in the future. However, I can say they aren't very soon.

  4. I made it a sticky, hopefully itll be contibuted to
  5. Justin, here's an idea!

    US servers are fast enough now, so we don't need a mirror.

    However, we Aussies and New Zealanders want our own section in Beyond the Keyboard to discuss like AFL, melbourne cup, anzacs and possibly vegemite.
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