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Hello,sent this to a friend

Gday Anna.

Looking for some help relocating a lost web site. My Bookmarks were lost.
I was helping a friend building a Workstation and folowed a link from a forum I was reading. The site had these resources.
An excellent tutorial on selecting parts and building a workstation.
A benchmark program to download that analysed all parts and generated a shaded coloured bar graph with a time stamp, lower the time the more efficient the system.
Each segment varied in length and contained a percentage score, lower was less efficient.
You could see at a glance where the bottleneck in the system was. Not enough RAM, or too slow. Slow HDD, not enough storage, slow CPU.

You could than upload your results to the site and if you came within the top 100 times, your build and time were put up on the board. There was a price build as well. A $3000 build did not always beat a $2000 Build.

If you have heard of the site, I would appreciate a heads up.

Thank you.

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  1. Sorry iammykyl;

    That description doesn't seem to be one I recognize.
  2. Thanks for looking.

    I found this site, useful but not as good as the one I lost.

  3. Perhaps I should post in a different forum?
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