Building a new system, all input appreciated.

I'm contemplating building a new system. My current system, a Dell with a Q6600 has been a great system, and it's almost hard to move on given that it still does everything I need it to do at a quick pace. I recently added an SSD, reinstalled Win 7 64 bit. and added 4 GB of ram for a total of 8. It boots quickly and does what I need it to do without fail. (Although the new RAM readings are a little wonky, per CPUID.) All of the RAM is rated at the same speed, although it's two different brands. It now shows one stick running at 233mhz, one at 333, and two at 400. I haven't pulled the ram and done switch arounds to figure out what exactly is shaking. It run an ATI 5670 graphics card which does ok for what I do, although I plan on bumping it up with the new system. As for what I do with my computer, it pretty much boils down to playing World of Warcraft, Bittorent, the seldom photo manipulation with Adobe Essentials, and surfing the net. I've added a USB 3.0 card for use with an external hard drive and USB drive. But, I am stuck with SATA 2 which I'm sure is bottlenecking the SSD drive, not that I would probably notice a huge difference, but I'm sure there's a difference nonetheless.

For my new system, I'm considering either a I5-3570K or I7-3770K. The I7 is probably way overkill for what I do as I don't think I've ever maxed out the 4 cores I have now, but I do enjoy future proofing. I'll continue using the SSD for the OS and programs, and I'm gonna toss in a 1TB or 2 for the video media. What I'm really stuck on is the motherboard and RAM. Brand, motherboard chipset, RAM speed, and whatnot. I plan on playing with a little overclocking, just to play with it. But it's not really necessary, since I don't exactly strain the system I have to begin with. The motherboards I see have at least 2 PCI x16 slots, not really a thing for me since I typically only use one card anyways. What I am looking for is SATA and USB speed/expandability. For my mass hard drive storage, I'm split... I've been using Samsung drives for the life of my system and never once had an issue. But, it seems that Samsung's hard drive division has been taken over by Seagate. Now, I'm considering either Seagate or WD Black drives, not really sure which one to go for. But the motherboard is the biggie. What is everyone's preference as far as brand, chipset (probably z77) although I also see this x79. I'm not sure about the differences and I haven't found a clear article about it. Also, does RAM speed make that much of a diffence nowadays? I'm looking at the DDR3 1600 mainly, but would look at others if given info that directs me that way.

Anyways, I'm just looking for what others would recommend, what they personally use, what part winds up being the bottleneck. Thank you all in advance. :)
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  1. I look for value; this deal can't be beat, but you can't order it online: List your firm budget and link a preferred vender for better advice.
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