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A8-3850 vs A8-3870k

I built my PC, as of October 2011, and I used an A8-3850 as my CPU and graphicas solution.Now I noticed AMD recently launched an updated model, an A8-3870k, which has unlocked multiplier. So I was wondering if it will be a very noticeable difference between both APUs, as they have the same integrated graphics, I'll guess that the graphics section will remain similar, please correct me if I'm wrong. So my question is If I could get to sell my current APU to get this other, will it be completely non sense of my part?

Or should I save the money to buy a better GPU in a future?

Or in last case if I could sell my APU+MoBo (Asus A75- M) should I get another CPU+Discrete GPU+ New MoBo?

I'm actually not dissappointed from the performance of my current build, it works great but I like to consider all options. Thanks for any of your help.
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  1. Well with the a8-3870k with good cooling you should be able to overclock the gpu pretty well.
  2. It will give quite a bit of improvements if you OC.

    you can get OC both the cpu and the gpu portions and can get a 10-20% increase no problem.
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    Use it for now and upgrade\buy new when you feel it's not pulling it's load anymore. The next set of apu, trinity, looks to be far stronger so waiting for that would probably be worth it if you want to keep on without a discreet video card.
  4. Here is a review I found, maybe read through it then see if you think it would make a worthy upgrade.
  5. Thanks for the replies, I'll take that into consideration.
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  7. trinity won't work on your motherboard.
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