Is this build OK for now?

So currently I'm running:

Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 3.0 (w/ Corsair H60)
Asus P5Q Mobo
4GB (4x1GB) GSkil DDR2 1066 RAM
Radeon HD 5770
Rosewill 700W PSU
3x 120mm Coolmax Fans
OCZ Vertex Plus 120GB SSD
WD Caviar Blue 500GB HDD

All in a Glite Elite 420 Case.

CPU: 7.3
RAM: 7.3
DGPU: 7.5
GPU: 7.5
HDD: 7.3

I mainly do low level gaming, and a crap ton of word processing. I built this machine about 3 weeks ago because the parts were cheap, but I never saw the need to go expensive (Core i7) for what I do.

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  1. Overclock your q6600 and get more ram.
  2. amuffin said:
    Overclock your q6600 and get more ram.

    Heat dissipation would be a problem. While the Corsair H60 does perform well (AS5 TIM) it is still limited by the ambient temp in my home (23*C) Right now I idle around 31*C and, under load, 62*C. Considering the age of the CPU I'm not that interested in burning it out and having to replace it. Not yet, anyway.


    Currently, my computer supports Skyrim flawlessly on with graphics auto set to high. While I'm impressed that my current hardware can keep up, I'm still concerned about the gap between Core i* series CPUs and Core2 series CPUs. For what I do, would an upgrade really be worth it at this time?
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