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CPU Usage Too High

Anyone please help me on the CPU usage too high problem:

Processor is Intel E5200, 4gb of ram and Asus EAH 4670 gpu, from the task manager shows that the CPU Usage is too high or fluctuating, from 35% to 75% and etc . Due to the problem, I can't play song with Winamp properly and also other tasks.

Please give me solutions on the above matter.
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    sounds like you have bloatware or a virus.
  2. In task manager, what are the items taking time on the CPU? My e8400 routinely shows that value with no apparent negative effects.
    edit: I agree with esrever
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  4. esrever said:
    sounds like you have bloatware or a virus.

    Is there a solution to it rather than reinstall the Windows OS? Thanks
  5. you can run a couple virus scan. try malwarebytes and spybot search and destroy.

    also you can install a program called soluto and disable any program that you don't need from booting.
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