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Faulty RAM?

November 24, 2012 4:43:24 AM


I have just installed new memory to uplift from 4 to 8gb and my PC has gone nuts!

At first I was getting 'blue screen' and physical memory dumps so I ran RAM test and was told that there was a "hardware error". I removed one of the sticks and ran the test again to see if I could identify where the fault was. Although the test came back OK, I had no sooner started up the PC than it crashed again?

I reinserted my original memory but the PC 'flashes' on and off (you can see that it is going through its normal startup etc but the monitor is literally flashing in 1 or 2 second 'bursts' and there is a synchronised sound coming from the PC, almost as if it is being turned on and off?).

Understandably this has me really worried and although I gether from an earlier thread that the bad RAM cannot damage my motherboard etc, it was fine until I tried to upgrade the memory.

Is there a 'foolproof' test to check the memory given that the system test had said it was OK on the second test?
What could possibly have happened to cause my PC to act as it is now and how can I stop it long enough to take a look? :cry:  :cry: 

Please help.

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