Z77 Extreme4 pro won't post, no lights.

Hey I just picked up a Z77 and i5 3570k at microcenter for super cheap. I'm replacing my old i5 and P55 board that burned out over the summer. I got all the new gear hooked up and it won't post. The fans spin and the HDs turn on but the power button on the board won't light up and I don't get the diagnostic display either. Even with nothing but the board and power supply plugged in I should at least get a light and an error beep.

I checked the board lifts and made sure they're only on the rimmed screw holes, to see if there was a short. I pulled the board out and ran it on a box and that didn't work. Clearing CMOS didn't affect anything either. I'm beginning to suspect my power supply, though it turns on fine and everything else seems to turn on fine as well. When my old computer went out this summer, it was exhibiting the same symptoms of turning on but no board lights or post. I even bought one of those post code testers and got nothing. When I plug the tester into the z77 it turns on and the IRDY and FRAME LEDs won't light up. I lost the manual to it a while back so I have no idea what that means.

I really hope I don't have to RMA the board because the closest microcenter is like an hour by train.

Any ideas?

ASRock z77 extreme4
intel 3570k
kingston hyperx limited edition ddr3 - KHX1600C9D3X1K2/8GX
radeon 6850
ocz modxstream-pro 500w PS.
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  1. Hi, Can you borrow a power supply and test? When powering ip, does the CPU fan spin?
  2. I just moved to this city, so I'm short on friends with spare parts. I'm going to try and find a store with a good return policy and pick up a tester today.

    When I hit the on board powerbutton, the CPU fan gets two half spins in, then fires up really fast before slowing down a bit.
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