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hi guy I need help. I have msi 890fxa-gd70 juss upgraded my cpu from 1100t to fx 8350, after installing windows my computer keeps on freezing and restarting frequently. I have already updated my bios to 1f0 even before the cpu arrive. first I called msi customer support for bios update then they sent me bios 1f5 to flash it in bios with pen drive. I did that then later it was posted on their site as 1f0 then I downloaded and install it. after install the cpu my computer keeps on freezing and restarting every 5-15min. I rma the cpu with new cpu but the problem is still there. I have change my Gpu, memory, hard drive but it still there. sorry for bad English. before I have windows 7 ultimate now I even install windows 8 yhr problem is not solve. listen if I install my old cpu 1100t I don't c that problem. can somebody help with?
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  1. In going from 1f5 to 1f0 you may have probably downgraded your BIOS since you say that your phenom works fine but FX does not. If you still have the update version 1f5, then put your 1100t into the mobo, update BIOS to 1f5 using the pen drive and then install the FX 8350. This is one possible way of trouble shooting.

    Do apply thermal paste properly each time you swap the cpu's
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