ASUS P5N-E SLI and GTX 560 Ti

Alright, so I just went through a 3 hour hair pulling and screaming session last night trying to make my HD 6950 work with my P5N-E SLI.

I didn't bother to research that combo before I bought it, big mistake. I tried that oddly long solution by keith, and it didnt work.

So I'm now returning this card to newegg and planning to get a nvidia GPU.

Right now my plan is to get a MSI GTX560Ti Hawk. Are there known issues with this motherboard and the GTX 5 series?

Im also using an OCZ ModXstream 600W PSU. It has dual 12v with 25A on each rail. Its kind of cutting it close to the minimum, so I plan on underclocking the Hawk for a bit (honestly I'm buying it because I'm hoping the better components will make it last longer than my GTS 8800).

Does anyone foresee any problems with this?

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  1. It will run with that psu so no overclocking and with typical loads you won't need to underclock unless the card doesn't hold stock very well.
  2. Thats good to hear. And by underclock I meant bring it back to reference clock speeds, not like go below even that.

    Do you have any idea if this or any other 4xx/5xx has issues with my P5N-E SLI?
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