My msi 890fxa-gd70 and fx 8350 freezes and restarting frequently

help. help !!! hi guy I need help. I have msi 890fxa-gd70 juss upgraded my cpu from 1100t to fx 8350, after installing windows my computer keeps on freezing and restarting frequently. I have already updated my bios to 1f0 even before the cpu arrive. first I called msi customer support for bios update then they sent me bios 1f5 to flash it in bios with pen drive. I did that then later it was posted on their site as 1f0 then I downloaded and install it. after install the cpu my computer keeps on freezing and restarting every 5-15min. I rma the cpu with new cpu but the problem is still there. I have change my Gpu, memory, hard drive but it still there. sorry for bad English. before I have windows 7 ultimate now I even install windows 8 yhr problem is not solve. listen if I install my old cpu 1100t I don't c that problem. can somebody help with? help plz
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  1. Not sure what BIOS you are talking about Use the newest one.
  2. i have updated the bios by using msi live update, so i have the lastest bios update
  3. rit now i have installed the old cpu 1100t and is working fine no hanging and restarting
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